Unity Error: ListenerException

ListenerException: Attempting to remove listener for type player health updated but Messenger doesn't know about this event type.

Messenger is trying to remove a listener, but it doesn’t recognize the one you passed it. This means that either it wasn’t told about the listener that you are sending it, or you have a typo.

Non-programming explanation:
You have a package at UPS with the tracking number #1000000 (your Listener) and you want to pick it up from UPS (Messenger). You go to the UPS store and tell them the tracking number is #1888888 by accident, but they cannot find your package, so they keep your real package in the back (your Listener is not removed).

Messenger.AddListener("status", OnChange);
Messenger.RemoveListener("statussss", OnChange);


Make sure your AddListener and RemoveListener parameters match. You probably have a typo, and yes, update is different from Update. It is case-sensitive.


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