"Cowboy Game" Demo 1.2

I’m using the Protopack from Frogames for my animations, since it comes with enough assets (hopefully) to get this demo up and running. It cost ~$20 from the Unity Store, but it does seem to be very nice and enough to basically get me started here. I could have made my own models but I don’t have much time left (1 week) before classes start again, so this was a good alternative.

If you use Protopack 1.3, you’ll notice that some of the animations don’t work for the upper part of the body, such as “idle”, “walk”, etc. Those are designed to be used while holding a weapon, so they are waist down animations. If you want waist-up, you have to use up_* animations, such as up_idle.


A very Minecraft break

“I’ve just sucked 5 years of your life away. How does that make you feel?”

The Pit of Despair from the Princess Bride Been playing Minecraft as a break from the Cowboy game. ¬†Five days of intense hoard/build mode (aka “hamster-ing”) with the rest of the team, but I think I’m dropping to an equilibrium with it.


Back to the Cowboy game though. I’m using Protopack 1.3 for quick models just for testing purposes.